Who’s the new guy?

Seth —a native of Rochester, NY— was led of the Lord Jesus Christ to repent and trust in Him in the year 1999, while living in the New York city area. He later returned to his hometown of Rochester where he worked as an Information Technology (IT) specialist. After that company had been down-sized, Seth moved to the Bay Area to pursue other Information Technology job opportunities.

Seth’s dreams of working in lucrative IT positions finally came true. After moving from job to job for years, he found it not too difficult to find work in the Silicon Valley. He was quite content with his career.

Seth had dreams of perhaps working to establish a church in Rochester, but never thought it realistic. When Jorge approached him bout being an elder, he did not put much weight in the possibility of being one and secretly hoped that in time Jorge would come to his senses and drop the matter.

The Rebuild Initiative visited one year, and as Seth heard the stories of the church planters, the desire to plant churches increased and before he could shake off the desire, he started receiving calls from a friend in Rochester asking him to consider planting a church in Rochester. Of course he thought all this was ludicrous and yet his elders at his previous church, Evangelical Church of Fairport, were greatly enthusiastic of the possibility. This too he considered ludicrous.

As crazy as all this church planting stuff sounded, Seth decided to abandon his career and become a Church Planting Intern. For a some months he was content serving as a church planting intern thinking that in 12 months he would return to Rochester and begin the process of planting.

In December 2013, the leadership presented to him another crazy idea! They asked Seth to consider serving as an Executive Pastor. He had never heard of “Executive Pastor”, he had no idea such a thing existed or what an “Executive Pastor” did.

After much thought, prayer, counsel, soul searching and casting lots; Seth agreed to take the position. He has been serving as Executive Pastor since January, 2014. He still thinks the Elders are crazy for extending this position to him, but he considers it a joy to be on staff serving Emaus Church.

Seth’s hope as an Executive Pastor is to adorn the gospel by making Emaus Church an oasis of order in a world of chaos and to implement systems by which members can express their giftings and in turn allowing the Elders to shepherd unhindered of non-pastoral concerns.