Our Values

What we value above all things is the Gospel. There are many important things that the Bible speaks of but only the Gospel is described as being as of ‘first importance’ (1 Cor 15). Jesus lived, died and was raised in order to redeem us from the effects of sin in every way. But from the Gospel flow life-altering implications. We believe that the following are the most crucial for a life of faithful discipleship.


In the Gospel God has been gracious to us. He took the initiative to meet us in our sin and save us. We love him because we first loved us. So we want to be the kind of people who take the initiative to serve and love those around us. We want to be a presence of grace and respond eagerly to the needs around us.


In the Gospel God has made us a part of his family. God is our father and other believers are our brothers and sisters. Therefore, we will live our lives in a sincere commitment to our spiritual family. Jesus said that such commitment is a powerful evidence of the reality of the Gospel. The world will know that you are my disciples by your love for one


The Gospel not only calls us in to belong to family it also sends us out to be about the mission. The last command that Jesus left his disciples was to ‘make disciples.’ The treasure of the Gospel is too precious to keep to ourselves. Our lives were bought with a price so we do not belong to ourselves, but to the one who bought us – Christ. We live for his agenda now.

These three marks are how we measure discipleship: If a person is growing in the grace of the Gospel in the context of community while being on mission, that person is a healthy disciple.


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