Our Philosophy of Ministry

The Gospel Changes Everything

The name of our church is taken from chapter twenty-four in Luke’s Gospel. After the crucifixion of Jesus the disciples were, to say the least, disheartened. Some went into hiding and others decided to go back to the life they knew before. Two of them were headed back to the city of Emmaus. They were dejected, downcast and discouraged. They felt that Jesus was the realization of their deepest hopes. All of their hopes crashed when they saw Jesus lifted up on the cross.

As they were walking a stranger joins them on their journey. This stranger, noticing their long faces, asked them why they were so down. They began to share their discouragement with him. The stranger responds with the Scriptural truth that Messiah had to suffer before he reigned. After arriving at Emmaus the disciples invite the stranger in for a meal. During the meal the stranger reveals that he is Jesus, raised from the dead.

Jesus died and was raised! That Good News changed everything. The depression disappeared and it was replaced with joy. Because He was alive going back to “life as usual” was not an option. His death and resurrection compelled them to live for what He lived and died for.

Because the Gospel is true, nothing can ever be the same again. This is what Paul meant when he wrote, “I determined to know nothing among you but Christ and him crucified.’ He could never look at any issue, whether money, marriage, morality, work ethic, relationships without looking at them through the lens of the Gospel. That is the same thing we desire to do, aim at life through the crosshairs of the Gospel.

[quote] “The Lord has risen indeed…!”
~ Luke 24:34 [/quote]


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