Book Review: Seasons of a Leader’s Life By Jeff Iorg

Jeff Iorg could not have chosen a better biblical figure like the Apostle Peter to show his readers what seasons of a leader’s life will look like. Irog crafts his book in three parts. Peter was learning in the Gospels, leading in Acts, and leaving a legacy, for the future generations when he wrote first and second Peter. Peter demonstrated that true leaders will learn to trust and obey Jesus, lead and take calculated risks for Jesus, and finally, pour into faithful men everything you have learned so that they can do the same.

As Iorg continues to writes through the chapters, it might seem that this book is about the Apostle Peter. This book is however not about Peter, but about leaders. In his fist section, Irog describes how leaders have a stage of learning to trust what lessons Jesus is trying to teach them. From Him teaching his follower that God will provide, take risks because of who you are following, and trust in God’s power to help and change circumstances. All of these learning stages help leaders become better leaders. On part two, Iorg writes how Peter showed he was affirmed by what Jesus has taught and done because he took the lead with proclaiming the gospel at Pentecost. Moving into leaving a legacy, all Peter was concerned about, was that Jesus was going to be enough. He will be enough to trust, grow in sanctification, spiritual relationships, and that he will one day come back to snatch us home.

In closing, Iorg communicates that even though leaders are building and leading, their main goal shouldn’t be to make disciples of themselves, but making disciples of the most perfect teacher, leader, Jesus! The leader’s legacy should be one that leaves behind gory of all that God has done in his life through the finished work of Jesus the Christ!


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