Book Review: Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons

When it comes to finding faithful leaders in the church, Anybwile lays out what characteristics church pastors and leaders should be looking for in followers of the Lord Jesus. Finding faithful elders and deacons comes from men that meet the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy and Titus of the Pastoral Epistles.

Anyabwile’s detailed explanation of each office was sobering and helpful. He explains that the office of a Deacon is one’s heart to serve the people of the congregation with any physical needs.The Deacon is to be a person who is sincere, sober, strong in faith, tried and true. Anyabwile takes a deeper dive into each one of those characteristics in his first part of the book. The office of the Elder was explained in great detail as well in the second section. It’s content was greater than the office of the Deacon due to the responsibility of the spiritual well being of the congregation. The Elder has all the characteristics of a Deacon with addition of being able to teach. The office of the elder is held in a higher standard which results in the elder being the pace setter and example for the congregation.

The book ends with great insight for current pastors, and a list of edifications they can walk in to bless their people by setting the example of a Godly leader, feeding and protect the flock by watching their doctrine, and most importantly having a strong hope in God and not in his own efforts.


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