Book Review: Faithful Preaching by Tony Merida

Faithful Preaching has been one of the most eye opening books ever written on the subject of Christ-Centered expository preaching. Merida’s passion and precision on declaring God’s word with responsibility and authenticity shines through the way he has communicated the process of faithfully preparing to preaching God’s truth. Merida’s step by step instruction and practical insight helps new, growing and advanced preachers think of how they can communicate the scriptures clearly and faithfully to the Glory of God.

The book is broken down in four parts, with the main point of making Christ the hero of ever sermon by the power of the spirit. Merida makes a case for why expository preaching is the most faithful style to preach for the reason of staying true to the passage and context that you are communicating to the church. The density in part two of the book comes from how well Merida has thought through the process of preparing to preach a faithful sermon.

Merida explains how to study the text, unify the redemptive theme, construct an outline, add an introduction and conclusion. The practical examples Merida provides after each process, helps new preachers grasp and workout how they can begin to use these steps to prepare a christ-centered expository sermon. Part three of deals with the preacher’s spirituality. A preacher who is not a Godly man or does not have markings of godly characteristic, will have very little impact on his congregation. His messages will be lacking and he will not be able to give away what he does not posses himself.

Merida concludes the book with preaching the word of God to our generation. Merida explains that preaching style is very important in capturing the attention of the congregation and we want to be thinking about how we do that without stepping into being an entertainer. In the closing chapter, Merida writes about passing the baton of faithful preaching to faithful men just as the great preachers of old did for there generations. Merida has done exactly that! By writing a book of how to be a faithful preacher, Merida has passed the baton for the next generation to make Christ a hero for the world to see.


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